Jenny Vaughan CV

1944 Born in Bangalore, India

1961 Harrogate School of Art. Pre-Diploma

1962-65 Sunderland College of Art. Diploma in Art & Design

1965-6 Designing and making hats and cushions for Liberty, London

1966 Move to St Ives, Cornwall. Start exhibiting at Penwith Gallery

1968 Awarded Arts Council Studio. No 4 Porthmeor Studios.

From now on all work done in partnership with Dai Vaughan

1968 Founded Magic Murals. Painting Backdrops which worked with lights for Bands and DJs

1970 Appointed Visual Arts Organizers. First St Ives Festival. Design, Paint and light club interiors.

1972 Paint large scale murals for stage, entrance and exterior of Bumpers Piccadilly Circus. The largest discotheque in Europe at that time.

1973 Moved to the Isle of Lewis.

Bought and started restoring a 1829 Thomas Telford manse

1975 Founded Jenny Vaughan knitwear using local island wool.
Showed at London Fashion Week.

Sales from then on to London, Canada and Germany.

1980 Exhibition of Magic Mural Backdrops at Glasgow University.

Commissions followed from clubs in Scotland.

1981 Founding members of An Lantair, Stornoway and exhibit each year.

The following are some of the commissions for illusionistic rooms and panels for private individuals and developers, in and around London.

1983 Drawings and watercolours while backpacking in India

1985 In response to an ad in the Stornoway Gazette, we submit design concepts for Glasgow Garden Festival. It was Jenny’s vision the idea that Alice In Wonderland/Gulliver’s Travels should be the main theme of the festival. This included larger than life sculptural installations like the giant flowers. Sadly, Jenny’s ideas were used but she was given no credit and the work was given to others.

Initial move to Glasgow

Start work on Festival designs and designs for Ken McCulloch for the hotel No 1 Devonshire Gardens.

Design and Paint Trompe l’oeil rooms in a number of private flats in the city.

Paint Indian scenes for Balbir’s Ashoka Restaurant.

1985 Complete a series of stencil designs for private homes.

Decorate a Pirate Themed pub near the harbour in Aberdeen

1987 Win the competition for artists for Princes Square Shopping Centre, Glasgow. This was a Scotland-wide open art competition.

Work on a series of anamorphic mural portraits of famous people born in Glasgow for the escalator walls, paint two large trompe L’oeil window scenes of Glasgow in 1987 showing both daytime and night-time views of the city centre, calibrate the Foucault Pendulum Clock, and paint various illusionistic shop fronts.

1987 Paint a series of decorative panels for Caskie’s bars in both Glasgow and Dundee.

Design and paint sets for the Annie Macleod Experience, New Lanark Visitor Centre.

Design and paint two illusionistic murals for the Asahi Hotel, Osaka In Japan

Complete a series of trompe l’oeil panels

1989 Chosen by Glasgow City Council to design the Christmas Lights for George Square, to celebrate Glasgow becoming 1990 European City Of Culture. These were used for twenty six years which must be a record.

Do Christmas lighting designs for both Argyle St and Sauchiehall Street pedestrian precincts. These were never carried out.

Organize the “In the Making” exhibition at the Glasgow Arts Centre, featuring all those involved in the George Square Festive lights.

1989 Design and Paint decorative murals for the Leisure Centre, Crieff Hydro

Paint a large panoramic mural for Weymouth Museum

1989 Start research and design detailing for the Art Lovers House, designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, only now being built in Glasgow

Study the work of Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh. These are the four initial gesso panels we completed.

1990 Continue work on the Art Lovers House design details, and start work on a series of gesso panels for the Dining Room, based on drawings by Mackintosh and gesso panel work of Margaret Macdonald.

1990 Join design team of Hugh Martin Partnership and work on further designs for Princes Square, culminating in the Peacock Roof Sculpture, exterior banners and effects lighting.

Design, construct and install a 60ft tall Christmas Tree mobile in the atrium.

Design and construction of sets and kinetic sculptures for Gweek Seal Sanctuary in Devon.

1991 Construction and painting of all sets and scenery for the Gatehouse of Fleet Visitor Centre, Dumfries and Galloway.

1991 Fresco murals for Italian Restaurant in the Barras Glasgow.

1991 Chosen by Cardiff City Council to design Christmas Lighting features for Cardiff Castle, and all the main city centre streets and buildings.

The theme was music and so we based our animated displays on Christmas Carols, complete with musical staves which lit up in time to the tunes.

1992 Design teamwork with Hugh Martin Partnership for Monument Mall, Newcastle upon Tyne. Design and paint dome murals and a set of mural panels for atrium area on the theme of the River Tyne

1992 For Monument Mall we design, make and install a large Santa and Reindeer flying through the atrium space with presents tumbling out of the sleigh

1992 Designed, dyed and installed five large entrance panels for GRE offices at 163 West George St, Glasgow.

1993 Design and paint the ceiling, and design, make and install a mosaic bar front for the Shish Mahal Restaurant, Maryhill.

Design and paint the entrance and main room mural panels for The Punjab Express Restaurant, Coatbridge.

Design, make and paint a large dining room table for a private client.

1994 Design and paint a set of large panoramic murals panels for Loch Winnock Visitor Centre for Strathclyde Regional Council.

1994 Publish a catalogue of Christmas lighting features for councils throughout UK.

Install a number of these features along Princes Street, Edinburgh for Edinburgh City Council.

Create an Angel in Light for Casino Austria, and install it at the front of what was Hitler’s Summer Palace in Salzburg, Austria.

Install Christmas lighting features for the whole exterior frontage of Channel 4’s Big Breakfast building, which was seen on TV every morning for the whole two months Christmas season.

1995 Re-start work on the 24 gesso panels for the Dining Room of the House for an Art Lover inspired by the work of Margaret Macdonald.

Complete a series of gesso panels closely based on the gesso panels. These were originally considered for the Dining Room and then we decided not to use them, but to base the panels on a theme.

Design and make Electric candles for clergy and choir, Glasgow Cathedral.

Design, manufacture and installation of the Almondvale Boulevard Christmas Lights in Livingston, for Livingston Development Corporation And West Lothian Council.