A love of colour underlies all my work. It holds an irresistible and insatiable attraction. Early paintings were simply a patchwork of complementary and discordant colours – an indulgence and sheer joy in the manipulation of pigment.

The paintings on show are non-representational using pattern, geometric and abstract shapes allowing for a total freedom in the choices and juxtaposition of colour and form. Tonal variations help to create depth and space, always with the aim of producing images with a three dimensional quality.

Furthering my interest in this field, I am now working on simple auto stereogram paintings. These, when viewed correctly, really do become 3D, with forms floating beyond and in front of the picture plane. This effect I find quite calming and meditative.

There are a number of different ways to see the 3D image. One is to allow your eyes to go out of focus by slightly crossing them. By doing this you are in fact focusing on an imaginary point in front of the picture plane. You then gradually start to bring your eyes back into focus and suddenly you will see in 3D.

Another method is to focus on a fingertip held up close to your eyes. Then, while continuing to focus on this fingertip, gradually move it away from you towards the picture. By the time the finger is close to the picture you should have started to see in 3D.

Remain relaxed and patient. It takes practice, but once you’ve seen one it’s a lot easier to see the rest of them. Good luck.