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15th - 28th APRIL 2005, 10am - 6pm Daily

Few people know anything about Jenny Vaughan’s paintings. However, most people from around Glasgow will be familiar with public art commissions done by her in partnership with Dai her husband. Included in these are the Christmas Lights in George Square with the Bells and Angels and other decorations. Also the anamorphic heads of famous people of Glasgow on the walls of the escalator at Princes Square. Another is the series of gesso panels in the style of Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh on the walls of the Dining Room at the House for an Art Lover.

A browse through Jenny’s CV of the last 35 years shows a very varied list of creative activities, as a means of earning a living. More recently Jenny has been able to spend more time on her own paintings, which have always been quite different to the commercial commissions.

“A love of colour underlies all my work. It holds an irresistible and insatiable attraction. Early paintings were simply a patchwork of complementary and discordant colours – an indulgence and sheer joy in the manipulation of pigment.

The paintings on show are non-representational using pattern, and geometric and abstract shapes allowing for a total freedom in the choices and juxtaposition of colour and form. Tonal variations help to create depth and space, always with the aim of producing images with a three dimensional quality.

Furthering my interest in this field, I am now working on simple auto stereogram paintings. This involves trying to fathom what happens, and why, when one suddenly sees three dimensions where you would expect to see only two dimensions.

Without the use of computers, this is a mind boggling subject with many avenues, which I am only just beginning to explore .However, the paintings so far really do work. They become 3D when viewed correctly, with forms floating beyond and in front of the picture plane. This effect I find quite calming and meditative.”

Limited edition prints from £65 - £750

Original paintings from £800 - £5,000