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1990 - One of the illuminated angels above George Square, Glasgow 1995 - Detail of gesso panel no.8, The House for an Art Lover, Glasgow. 1985 - Initial design for giant flower sculpture. Glasgow Garden Festival

A list of some of the major commissions completed in partnership with Dai Vaughan since moving to Glasgow. (page 1/3 - next)

1985-86 GLASGOW GARDEN FESTIVAL. Design concept work on focal point sculptural elements. Alice in Wonderland/ Gulliver’s Travels themes, resulting in out-size landmark features like the giant flowers, tap and teapot.

1987-88 PRINCES SQUARE. Artwork included the anamorphic escalator wall murals, the trompe l’oeil panoramic views of Glasgow in the Food court, the Calibration of the Foucault Pendulum clock, and illusionistic shop fronts.

1988 ASAHI HOTEL, OSAKA, JAPAN Two illusionistic murals for the Banqueting Room.

1988 NEW LANARK VISITOR CENTRE painting of sets and scenery for the Annie Macleod Experience.

1988 onwards, the decoration of a number of city centre bars and restaurants.

1989 CRIEFF HYDRO Decorative murals in the Swimming pool complex.

1989 WEYMOUTH MUSEUM Panoramic mural.

1989 GEORGE SQUARE The 1990 City of Culture Christmas Lights. Overall concept, and design of all illuminated sculptural features, the Angels, Bells, Holly, Stars of David, the Stag and the Hypocanthus. Also Christmas Lighting concept designs for all the main city centre streets of Glasgow.

1989-91 THE HOUSE FOR AN ART LOVER. Research and design detailing of the 1901 designs by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Margaret Macdonald. Start on series of Gesso Panels for the Dining Room.

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