Our Homage To

O ye, all ye that walk in Willowwood by Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh 1903

We were commissioned by the Willow Tea Rooms Trust to create this gesso panel, for the newly renovated Mackintosh tea rooms at 215 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow.

Our brief was to make the panel as it would have been in 1903 when it was brand new, without a hundred years of cigarette smoke, and general pollution. This means our one is lighter than the original.

We have now installed it in the Room de Luxe, in the original Mackintosh frame.

This has always been a special room, where an extra penny was charged for your tea, when a penny was worth considerably more than it is today.

Like the rest of the building, it has been magnificently renovated, restored and re-built, and now looks and feels just like it would have done, in 1903 when it opened.

Margaret Macdonalds gesso panel from the original tea rooms can be seen in Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, where it is cared for by Glasgow Museums on behalf of Glasgow City Council, the owners of the panel.

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